May 17-19, 2024 X-12 Hillclimb Stock, Altered and Semi-Pro Entry Form - Tremonton, Utah (This is NOT the pro entry form, (EXCEPT for Pro Women and Pro minis which DO enter here).  Pro entries Open April 1 and close on May 11:

**Non-Pro, on-line signup ends Thursday, May 16 at 8PM. You CAN register onsite late reg ($10 more, cash or checks only) on Fri, May 17, 8:30am to 10:30am.


2-strokes up to 90cc & 4-strokes up to 150cc. in 80-90cc pro mini class. All bikes in the semi-pro classes must have 1 brake and tether kill switch.  No limit on fuel, length or rear tire, paddle tires and/or steel bolts or steel paddles are okay, (with safety rear fender).   EXCEPT THE 450 SEMI-PRO CLASS WHICH IS FOR STOCK BIKES AND DOES NOT ALLOW PADDLES, NOS OR LENGTHENED BIKES!  Nitro and NOS are okay in these classes, (Except just mentioned 450 stock class). Licensed, pros MAY enter all of these classes, EXCEPT the 450, 700 and Open semi-Pro classes these classes, which are not open to any top 10 pros.  70% cash payback in all of these classes.  NO RIDING UP!  You CANNOT ride a smaller bike in a bigger class.  If the class says 601-Up, the bike MUST have an engine at least 601cc.  Please note NEW E-Bike Class.  E-Bikes are NOT allowed in the Pro Women's Class or in the two Pro Mini classes, but we have added a new, kids 12-Under semi-pro E-Bike class.


Altered classes can run an unlimited, extended wheelbase and rubber paddles or knobby tires may have material removed, but NO steel, and must use gasoline. The altered VINTAGE trophy class (only) DOES allow anything including rear wheels that have rubber paddles or steel bolts or chains. Vintage bikes must have engines at least 25 years old.  Licensed, pros MAY enter ALL of these classes.  33% trophies to all of these classes.  NO RIDING UP!  You CANNOT ride a smaller bike in a bigger class.  If the class says 601-Up, the bike MUST have an engine at least 601cc.  Please note new E-Bike Altered Class. 


ALL Trophy classes are running again this year on Saturday. 100% trophies to all minis and 33% to all big bikes.  Stock classes do not allow chassis, tire modifications, or paddle tires, and must use gasoline. Vintage bikes can have up to 7" of front travel and 4" of rear travel. Evolution bikes cannot have water-cooling or disc brakes. Licensed pros CANNOT enter these classes.  NO RIDING UP!  You CANNOT ride a smaller bike in a bigger class.  If the class says 601-Up, the bike MUST have an engine displacing at least 601cc.  You do NOT need a tether kill switch to enter any of the stock classes.  Please note new E-Bike Class.  E-bikes may be ridden in the Women's Stock Class.


100% trophies to all minis.  Mini STOCK classes cannot have chassis or tire modifications and must use gasoline.  

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